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About Yeotmal Geography  

        The Yeotmal District is located in the Vidarbha of Maharashtra State.The  area 

           of the District is 13584 Sq.Km.The District is Surrounded by total 16 Sub-District.

          The Demography of the District are as follows.

                 Population (Census 2001)       - 2,46,482  

             Total Rural Population             - 2,001,034

             Total Urban Population           - 4,59,448            

                 Literacy Rate (Census 2001)  - 74.06%                                 

       Men                                         -  1,267,117

       Women                                    - 1,193,365

         % of Scheduled Caste             - 10.92%    

     % of Scheduled Tribes            - 21.46%

*  Sex Ratio ( Females/1000 Males) - 942 * 

    Getting there-

    Air- Nagpur is the nearest Airport (139 kms ), linked to Mumbai ( 776 kms )

    Train- Dhamangaon is nearest railway Station ( 45 kms ) & Wardha is about 

    60 kms. The narrow gauge railway line  is also connected to Murtizapur via 

    Karanja (lad). where Guru Mandir is famous in India .

   Road - National Highway No. 7 passes through the District. Nagpur is about

   155 kms ,via Wardha. Amravati is about 92 kms via Ner Parsopant and Akola

   is about 155 kms via Karanja ( lad ) .

        The Yeotmal District is surrounded by Amravati & Wardha to the North,

   Chandrapur district to the East, A.P.State & Nanded district to the South,

   Washim & Akola district to the West. The District consists of masses of hilly

   country broken by broad  valleys and partially surrounded by plain.

   The Climate of the district is in general hot and dry with moderately cold winters.

        Their are many Religious places are situated in Yeotmal District such as-  

     Shri Chintamani Mandir  at Kalamb                            -   22 kms from Yeotmal

     Shri Mahadeo Mandir at Yeotmal city                           -  1 km from Bus stand

     Shri Mahadeo Mandir at Mandeo, Arni Road                 - 10 kms from Yeotmal

     Shri Bajrangbali Mandir at Dhumanapur, Amravati road - 7 kms from Yeotmal

     Sheikh Fareed Baba Dargah , Kalamb Road                    - 5 kms from Yeotmal


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