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Disciplinary proceeding against Shri R M J Swamy DE Wardha (Now Retired)

Notie to Shri.R.M.Jaydeoswamy Retd.DE BSNL

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                        WARDHA TELECOM DISTRICT

WARDHA Telecom District is characterized by the multi fold challenges it has accepted for providing telecom service to the diverse geographical region. Wardha Telecom District tries its every effort to provide the telecom service to whole of the area concerned under it.

BSNL WARDHA has been forefront for providing Telecom Services on demand using its State-of-Art technology for its esteemed customer at an affordable price.

Basic Telephone Services :- BSNL Wardha provides PSTN as well as ISDN B-fone services with phone plus facilities like CLIP, call waiting, abbreviated dialing, hot line, call forwarding, dynamic locking etc. Both BRI (Basic rate Access) and PRI (Primary rate Access) ISDN services are being provided by BSNL Wardha. An ISDN subscriber can establish two simultaneous independent calls on existing pair of wires of the telephone line (Basic rate ISDN) where as only one call is possible at present on the analog line /telephone connection. The two simultaneous calls in ISDN can be of any type like speech, data, image etc. The call setup time for a call between two ISDN subscribers is very short, of the order of 1 to 2 seconds. ISDN also supports a whole new set of additional facilities, called Supplementary Services.

Mobile services :- Cellone and Excel mobile services launched at Wardha, Arvi, Pulgaon, Telagaon, Seloo, Samudrapur,Hinganghat SDCAs with full highway coverage.

WLL Services:-BSNL's WLL Tarang service is the most reliable and affordable service giving you the best of both fixed line telephony & Mobile telephony.It offers host of value added services at virtually no cost to our esteemed suscribers.Customer may get the handset by paying premium approx. Rs. 20/- per month only  for the comprehensive policy taken for the cost of handset.

Intelligent Network (IN ):-This technology makes possible, time and cost effective services, optimized solutions, meeting the exact needs of the customers, in additional business for you.The services offered are Free-Phone service, Premium rate service, Indian Telephone Card, Virtual private network, universal Number, Tele voting, Account calling card 

Internet Services:- Sancharnet provides free all India roaming and enables it's users to access their accounts, using the same access code (172233 for PSTN & 172225 for ISDN) and user ID from any where in the Country. BSNL has launched  "SANCHARNET CARD" recently. The Sancharnet Card"  is a prepaid Internet Access Card. Wardha Internet Node is capable of providing leased lines of various bandwidth.

Data Circuit:- BSNL Wardha provides leased lines of different bandwidth as well as point to point Data circuits With warm support of our customers BSNL Wardha looks forward towards new era of knowledge based society, which would be mainly driven by the communication technology.


Disciplinary proceeding against Shri R M J Swamy then DE Wardha (Now Retired)


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