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Latest Promotional Schemes in Maharashtra for Landline, Broadband and FTTH

  Bharat Fiber Unlimited Broadband Combo '100GB CUL' Plan"
  ‘Standalone DSL Broadband Plan: "5GB Free Trail"
  ‘Circle Specific Standalone DSL Broadband Plan: 5GB MH"
  ‘SUPER STAR 300’ & 'SUPER STAR 500' with Prevailing ‘Hotstar Premium’ Pack free of cost"
  Plan 4GB CUL ; 5GB CUL ; 15GB ; 22GB CUL ;35GB CUL
  Bharat Fiber Unlimited Broadband Combo '33GB CUL' Plan
  Bharat Fiber Plans (FTTH) '500 GB CUL' '600GB CUL' '750GB Plan'
  New Bharat Fiber (FTTH Plan) -   “ 120GB Plan”

DSL Broadband Combo Plans ‘50GB’ ;’120GB’; ‘2GB BSNL CUL’  ; ‘2GB CUL ; ‘3 GB CUL'

  Launch of BSNL-Amazon Offer on 01.10.2018 (on BSNL Day)
  Introduction of New Broadband Over WiFi Unlimited Plans
  Plan "ASEEM" and "ANANT ASEEM" Virtual Landline Connection
  Introduction of BSNL Internet Telephony Service "Wings"

10 GB CUL Family

  Broadband over Wi-Fi Unlimted Plans
  Introduction of New Landline Plan "LL 1200" & "LL 1500"
  Offer : Landline/DSL/FTTH plan booked through Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)